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Consumer Awakening

Consumers are increasingly concerned about privacy and the monetization of their data by corporations. Blockchain and supporting technologies offer unique identification and the potential of reduced fraudulent use of consumer information.


Blockchain offers an opportunity to secure and effect data integration. At its most fundamental level, Blockchain is a high security data management solution that reduces the risk of misidentification and fraud, and builds trust.


Blockchain has the fundamental design considerations of identity, trust, a mutability and transparency. These elements are essential to any automated event-based system.


Open innovation is a critical success factor in healthcare organizations. A flood of new digital data is stimulating the development of new product innovations for consumers, the healthcare supply chain and in clinical processes.


BlocLab aims to become a destination for practical community education, generation of pilots and commercialization of applications that empower the consumer and change the way healthcare is provided.

This can be achieved through a combination of legacy technologies and skillful integration of newer highly secure and scalable technologies such as blockchain, Distributed Application Programs (DAPs), Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Distributed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs).

We believe that there are clear opportunities to use blockchain in workforce management but there is a much larger opportunity to use distributed ledger technology (DLT) to support expansion of the healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem and genomics. This expanding ecosystems are where new innovation & redesign of care pathways are emerging.

BlocLab and its consortium of partners work with payers, pharmaceutical firms and provider organizations to understand both strategic and critical  problem areas and then work collaboratively with you to recommend and evaluate where decentralized services can be best utilized.